Conference on Agricultural Entrepreneurship by Economist in Larissa

14/04/2018At a critical time for the whole of Europe, the need for stability, optimism, collective effort and determination is imperative. The Common Agricultural Policy must become more effective for a more competitive and sustainable agricultural sector.

  • What is the situation in Europe at the moment? 
  • What are the challenges for 2018 and the coming years? 
  • Will Brexit influence the Common Agricultural Policy? 

The third EU / IMF loan scheme for Greece will expire in August 2018. Without a doubt, this year will be of crucial importance for the future of Greece, as the country seeks to return to the path of competitiveness and growth over the years of crisis and uncertainty. 

  • Can Greece become the protagonist in the south-eastern part of Europe? 
  • What are the Government's priorities for the coming months? 
  • Can the Greek agricultural sector convert uncertainty into stability, competitiveness and growth? 

The 4th Economist Farming Conference will be the ideal setting for an open and high-level discussion with distinguished leaders from the field of politics, business, and technology as well as from the academic community that will share their knowledge and experience and will make proposals on the issues with which the conference will be held. 

Conference on Agricultural Entrepreneurship by Economist in Larissa