Powerful presence at ALFA SEEDS' Field Day and this year


An integrated package of agri-innovations and over thirty varieties of cereals were presented this year by Alfa seeds, in the recent field day organized in the company's main experimental field and in the context of the inter-branch varietal evaluation tests carried out every year.

The guests, associates and customers of the company from the fields of flour and pasta industry, stores of agricultural supplies and producers and marketers of cereals, pulses and industrial plants, had the opportunity to meet varieties of durum wheat, soft wheat, feed barley and malt barley, as well as Tritordeum, the new natural cereal, a result of crossing between durum wheat and barley, which combines high quality with special nutritious elements and  is cultivated for the first time in Greece exclusively under contract farming. Also, domestic varieties of lentils that are evaluated and improved through the Lensbreed research program. Visitors were informed by company’s agronomists about the special characteristics of stability, high productivity and excellent quality of the above material, that are the identity of all Alfa seeds products and about digital farming tools that the company and co-operating producers implement.

Finally, the guests had the chance to taste traditional products made from Tritordeum flour, with the desire of the women's association Eleftherias Larissa, as well as fusion dishes based on lentils of the exceptional variety SAMOS and pasta of the golden Misko Barilla series, made of Svevo single varietal hard wheat.

Among its associates, Syngenta, with leading varieties exclusively represented by Alfa seeds (Iride, Levante, Normano, Odisseo, Genesis), and varieties grown in contract farming by Alfa seeds for Barilla (Svevo and Pi-Greco), the new varieties of hard wheat Atlante and Leonardo and the new varieties of common wheat Ambrogio and Falado.

Alfa seeds ICSA, a leader on cereals and pulses, wishes to thank all the participants and is committed to even greater innovations in the future.

Powerful presence at ALFA SEEDS' Field Day and this year